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Garbage Art


Does anyone remember a little green guy who lived in a trashcan? I can certainly think of one who, to this day still makes me ask, “What is garbage”?  His name, as you are probably very familiar with, is Oscar the Grouch. Ever since my Sesame Street days the term garbage has been questionable. If you find me crazy than read on, or else I may get a little grouchy too.

Caution: No diving

Some of my best pieces of artwork have come from what Oscar called his home, the trash.  Some may call it dumpster diving, I call it treasure hunting. It all started with a chipped piece of china.  This was not just any china it was my great grandmothers china that the family was getting rid of. I simply could not let this happen. When I took the broken dishes and cups everyone thought that I was nuts. Little did they know, I had an idea in store.

Smash a dish

My idea was to create a mosaic piece of art from all of the dishes that were being taken to the curb. Put all of the broken china into bags and began to smash it with a hammer. It was a so much fun I almost felt guilty! I then took the pieces and covered a board (also found on garbage day). I added hooks and created a unique key rack.


All you will need to make your own mosaic piece is a bunch of broken or chipped dishes.  Then find something that you would like to cover. Use wood glue and let everything set for at least 24 hours. Then, find some grout and fill in the spaces! This project makes for a wonderfully creative way to use items that would otherwise be thrown into the trash to make something artful that you will want to keep forever.


2 comments on “Garbage Art

  1. kelseykhansen
    March 23, 2012

    This is so cool! I don’t know if you watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia….but it you do, Dumpster Diving definitely reminds me of Frank and Charlie…look it up if you don’t know 🙂 I never thought of breaking China pieces apart to create something completely different. I am a collector (in-the-making) of tea cups and tea pots so breaking one would probably chip a little piece of my heart away each time…but what you made is very neat! Something I would definitely think to make now that I’ve read your blog entry. Thanks for the tips!

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